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Welcome to the Big Who Listen. Our goal is to listen to and review every main range Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish – starting with The Sirens of Time and finishing with goodness knows what! We’d like to invite all our readers to break out their CDs, downloads, or even use Spotify (where the first 50 stories are available for free) and join us on our epic journey. Feel free to leave any comments (as long as they’re pleasant) or even your own reviews!

So just who are our contributors? Find out below:

James Ashworth

jamesIn the dark days otherwise known as 2005, James watched an old man battle strange metal creatures alongside his friends. As the closing credits rolled, the name “Peter Cushing” travelled up the screen, and he saw an announcement for more of the same next week. Tuning in, he was somewhat confused when the lead this time was a leather jacket wearing hero with only the one sidekick. But Christopher Eccleston had nurtured a passion for Doctor Who, and this hasn’t ceased, becoming Oxford WhoSoc President, Treasurer and Tides of Time Editor in his time at the society. The War Games is probably his favourite serial, with everything from pseudo-history, silly acronyms, a regeneration and the first proper appearance of the Time Lords! For infrequent posts, feel free to follow James on Twitter (@JamesAshworth98) or visit his blog.

Ian Bayley

ianIan grew up in the Davison era, fell in love with the Fourth Doctor from the Target novelisations but then became disenchanted by the perceived frivolous tone of the McCoy years, and depressed by the TV movie but excited by Who again continually since the 2005 revival. He is Vice President of Oxford WhoSoc and he lectures in Computer Science at Oxford Brookes.

Ian was part of the Big Who Listen team from stories 1-24. Thanks for all your hard work Ian!

Stephen Brennan

stephenStephen is obsessed with the Wilderness Years, particularly Virgin’s New Adventures series. They can be a bit of a grump, but with a mischievous twinkle in their eye. They try to see the best in everything, but can get bogged down in nitpicks. Likes fluffy boys.

Stephen joined the Big Who Listen team with his review for story 25: Colditz.

Rogan Clark

roganRogan has been watching Doctor Who ever since a Gold rerun of Bad Wolf caught his attention in mid-2006, with early morning Tom Baker episodes tiding him over until the show came back. An avid fan since, of both the new series and what classic episodes he’s seen, he has found ample room in his heart for Paul McGann’s short run in amongst the Thunderbirds and a love of singing. When not obsessing over what are typically children’s shows, he tries to teach himself physics and improve his writing. His favourite episodes are The Doctor’s Wife and Logopolis, and he has a soft spot for The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Michael Goldsmith

michaelHis first contact with Doctor Who was as a very young child when watching old VHS tapes of classic stories at his Nan’s house on long weekends. Day of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks, Death to the Daleks (actually anything with Daleks he could get his hands on!) and Castrovalva were a few of his childhood favourites, but nowadays he’d plump for Pyramids of Mars if pushed. He’s recently finished a personal run through and review of all Classic Who so it makes sense to climb the mountain of Big Finish next.

Georgia Harper

georgiaGeorgia joined Oxford WhoSoc in 2012 and has never stopped talking about it since. Since graduating and going too far from Oxford, she can mostly be found liveblogging assorted New Who episodes for Facebook friends and writing for Tides of Time. In between her many over-excited rambles about Jodie Whittaker, Georgia juggles various autistic-campaigner hats, and tweets about this as @mindtheflap.
Georgia contributed a guest review for Invaders From Mars.

Philip Holdridge

philipPhilip is a first year mathematician at Mansfield College. It was his love of space and science fiction that first got him into Doctor Who at the age of 7. It’s always been the crazy aliens and technology that has captured his imagination. He also loves Doctor Who for its ability to be funny, thought provoking, or to just tell a great story! He also has an interest in wildlife and creative writing, having written some fan fiction of his own.

Adam Kendrick

adamAdam became a Doctor Who fan during the 2005 revival and has been an active member of the Oxford Doctor Who Society since 2009. Despite watching most of the TV serials over the subsequent decade, he had never listened to a single second of Big Finish before this project began. Believing that Doctor Who is strongest during its darkest moments, he includes Heaven Sent, Midnight, and Inferno amongst his favourite serials.

Jonathan P. Martindale

jonathanJonathan was introduced to classic Who as a child in the late 1990s, through a couple of battered VHS tapes available in the local library. He was president of the Oxford Doctor Who Society back in 2013, while studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Christ Church. This will be his second treck through much of Big Finish’s early audio catalogue, his having first made the journey in the late 2000s. He would probably plump for Enlightenment as his favourite serial.

John Salway

example1After trying (and failing) to spread his enthusiasm for Big Finish audio stories to his nearest and dearest, John turned to the Oxford WhoSoc to gather the most devoted Who fans to his cause – and thus the Big Who Listen was born. While at uni he served as Secretary and Tides of Time editor for the society. His favourite Doctor changes with the wind, but his favourite companion is definitely Donna. Or Evelyn. Or maybe Ace. Find him on Youtube and Twitter as Abracadazma.

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